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11 June, 2024

Learn the Best HVAC Duct Designing and Sizing Practices- A step by step Guide to HVAC Duct Design - HVAC Design Training

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HVAC designing is the Initial step to proper system application and Installation. One of the most important Design steps for an HVAC System is  Duct Sizing. Duct Sizing is an essential Part of the Duct Design process which can make or break your HVAC system.

This Course will equip you with the Knowledge and Best practices from the HVAC experts that will save you Hours upon hours of trying to figure out.... How to Size Ducts ?

Who is this course for ?

  • HVAC engineers

  • Designers

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Project Managers

  • Architects

  • MEP Engineers

  • Contractors

Course Content

  • Introduction to Duct Sizing(2:15)

  • What is a Duct ?(4:06)

  • Main Duct Types(9:28)

  • Ducting System Classification(12:02)

  • Duct Design Methods(13:10)

  • Design Considerations(7:07)

  • Aspect Ratio(6:03)

  • Frictional Losses & Friction Chart(5:49)

  • How to use the Friction Chart(7:02)

  • The Equivalent Duct(8:43)

  • How to use the Conversion Chart(8:03)

  • Duct Sizing Steps(13:51)

  • Project Based Example ( Step by Step)(37:12)

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