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Getting started with Media Queries

Web Development

3 November, 2023

Become a Media query wizard and rule the kingdom of responsiveness

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In the current landscape of modern web development, seamless user experience is an undisputed expectation. In our digital ocean, you can find devices in all screen sizes and types, which makes it mandatory for every web developer to create web pages adaptive to this wide variety.

Initially, this course unfolds with all the fundamentals on the liquid/fluid responsive design philosophy along with various examples of websites. Afterward, we will explore the magic of media queries by diving deep into the WHATs, WHYs, and HOWs of using media queries. We will also master how to write media queries by looking at each of the 4 parameters of the syntax of a media query, every parameter followed by a practical example.

Moreover, this exclusive tutorial is packed with a myriad of quizzes after each section to test your knowledge & skills. When stacked together, all these will help you to identify your knowledge gaps and solidify understanding.

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