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Learn JavaScript By Building a Simple Quiz

Web Development

20 November, 2023

Master JavaScript & jQuery in this tutorial. You will learn how to build a simple & powerful quiz in this JavaScript Course.

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Mostly a basic programming language for web pages, JavaScript is usually the go to language for a lot of developers for much of their programming needs. JavaScript is a lightweight programming language that comes with first-class functions. In addition to being used for web pages, it is also commonly used for non-browser environments such as NodeJS, Apache DB, etc.

JavaScript is a popular multi-paradigm language, for its ability to support object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles. Another aspect of JavaScript that often goes hand-in-hand with it is jQuery. jQuery is nothing but a free cross-platform JavaScript library that simplifies the process of client-side scripting.

Learn JavaScript fundamentals, JavaScript variables, JavaScript loops, and JavaScript array creation, along with other technologies such as CSS and HTML5 by designing a simple JavaScript quiz.

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