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Learn to design a CSS3 timeline

Web Development

4 February, 2023

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 with this hands-on project by building a CSS3 timeline in this HTML5 and CSS3 online course.

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Long gone are the days when every website had to follow a proper structure or each website seemed to resemble each other. HTML and CSS are two of the most interesting technologies that each developer should definitely get their hands on.

HTML5 changed how the data is put onto the website, while CSS3 changed how the data looked. Websites were given a makeover from their boring structures into fancy, interactive webpages.

This course will give you a short and sweet tutorial into how you can use CSS3 and HTML5 to design a fluid Timeline that is beautiful and responsive. It will also teach you how you can modify positions and alignments using CSS3 to suit your needs.

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