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Learn HTML and CSS3 with an animated bootstrap template

Web Development

2 April, 2024

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 by building an animated bootstrap template. Master Twitter Boostrap, HTML & CSS3 in this course.

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When we think of creating a website, the most common language that comes to mind is HTML. HTML changed the way we create webpages and allowed developers to design visually engaging websites. Working in tandem with HTML is usually CSS3, a style sheet that includes the visual aspects of a webpage. CSS tells the webpage how it will look and how it will act. So, much of the design aspects of a website, including animation is because of CSS. HTML5 and CSS are the newest versions of the original technology and these come loaded with features that make it easier for developers to code. This course will teach you how to create a Twitter Bootstrap Template, one of the most popular HTML5 and CSS3 framework available. The custom template will also include some animation and will cover other technologies such as Animation, Keyframes, Twitter Bootstrap, and JQuery.

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