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Learn jQuery and JavaScript by creating an apple style thumb Slider

Web Development

30 May, 2024

Master CSS, HTML, CSS Positioning & jQuery animate method by making a Thumb Slider in this JavaScript & jQuery Tutorial.

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Originally started as a programming language for web pages, JavaScript has evolved from a simple programming language to many other streams including runtime environments, web applications, game development, etc. It has similar features to other programming languages such as variables, curly braces, control structures, functions, loops, etc.

Another benefit of working with JavaScript is the pre-built library – jQuery. The library comes with already composed codes that simplify the coding process. jQuery allows developers to add themes, widgets, and APIs without having to code from scratch.

Learn how to integrate the sleek design of Apple on your website by creating a function image slider using technologies such as CSS, HTML, CSS Positioning, jQuery animate method and $.each loop.

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