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learn French - simply through music

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24 November, 2022

Learn French through music. - Learning new languages is easy.

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Learn French through music.

Wondering exactly how this is going to work?

Use our French learning radio to play catchy music!

With the help of six dialogues featuring our likeable main characters, Alex and Robin, you will quickly start learning the new language.

Follow the stories of our two likeable characters and learn basic French vocabulary in six accompanying vocabulary lessons, recorded by native speakers from France.

The various listening and speaking exercises, always accompanied by melodic guitar music, will make it easy for you to memorise the new words.

The special highlight of this audio course is the catchy songs sung by native speakers.

With these catchy tunes, you will learn the new language even easier and quicker and will soon be able to sing along!

Are you already dreaming of a holiday in Paris, Provence, or Nice?

With this intensive French course, nothing will stand in the way of your trip!

learn French - simply through music

the radio play

The language course is for beginners and advanced learners.

Learning new languages can be this easy!

all songs:

- introduce

- food, drinks, and meals

- colours

the story (the radio play):

- introduce yourself

- drinking coffee

- the affection

This is what makes our course special::

- Over 10 different speakers

- Learning with music (catchy songs)

- Animated comics


- introduce

- food, drinks, and meals

- colours

Many different exercises

- Try to repeat the words during the pauses.

- Can you understand the conversation in the new language?

- Now listen carefully and pay attention to the pronunciation.

- Now listen carefully and pay attention to the pronunciation of the new vocabulary.

- Try to translate the words into the new language during the pauses.

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