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R programming guide for beginners

Software Engineering

30 May, 2024

Quick and easy guide to learn R programming

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R is the programming language and software environment made for all the developers who are fascinated with stats, data analysis and graphic representation. It was invented by R. Ihaka and R. Gentleman and soon become the number one choice for the majority of the data scientists globally. 

R is a programming language which can run on any OS, supports extensions and can connect with other languages. R is not only the most comprehensive statistical analysis package but is also used by some big names. Today, various companies like Genpact, Accenture and Wipro are even encouraging their employees to learn and understand R to the core.

This 2019 Guide to R Programming language covers the overview of R, CRAN Packages, its history, variables, packages and R Objects or Data Types. Additionally, you will also explore reading and writing data, control structures, functions in R programming and much more.

This E-Book includes-

 1. Overview of R, CRAN Packages, History of R

 2. Getting Started with R, Variables, Packages

 3. R Objects or Data Types - String, Vectors, Matrices, Data Frames, Lists, Factors

 4. Reading and Writing Data - Exporting Data and Importing Data files

 5. Control Structures

 6. Functions in R Programming

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